Are Travel Packages Popular When Travelling Australia?

Outback road in Australia

Outback road in Australia on the way to any of the capital cities including Melbourne.

When travelling in a country or across a continent, it is very easy to lose track of your spending as you are having such a great time seeing all this great stuff. That’s why it’s very important you have an itinerary before you book your trip and the best way to sort out an itinerary and make sure you’ve budgeted your spending is by getting yourself a travel package. For a country such as Australia, having a great travel package is essential to see all of the best things on your trip down under.

There are several travel packages that are on offer and there is no ultimate one that’s going to allow you to see absolutely everything. You may want to pick your destination before booking, for example if you are travelling from Perth to Melbourne, you try to locate travel deals to the capital of Victoria. Now, it’s very surprising to those of us who use the internet how much of the planet’s population is still in the dark on what you can do when you book a travel package online. Many people are still booking their trips through the old fashioned way of a travel agents and are at the mercy of how much extra hidden fees they choose to tack on to the actual price. Yes, you can save a good few dollars on your travel package if you book online.

If you book online on websites such as Totally Australia or you are sure to find some fantastic packages and trip itineraries. These sites are perfect as they arrange almost everything you can think of when booking a trip. If you need to rent a car, they’ll take care of that for you, if you decide you want to go and explore the surrounding area of where you are staying then that’s no problem, they’ll give you a list of guided tours and all you have to do is choose which one you fancy. It really is that simple. Or if you can’t decide then they’ll pick it for you. Travel packages are as popular as they have ever been due to the recession and the fact that more people are trying to see more for less.

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Where Do I Book If Bringing My Family to Sydney?

living room of a fully furnished apartment located in Sydney CBD

Furnished apartments in Sydney offered by Furnished Properties Pty Ltd.

Sydney is one of those cities that finds new ways to delight the traveller every time they visit. As Australia’s oldest city, it’s not hard to see why Sydney is still popular with the tourists. It has an abundance of shops that range from the high class, big bucks stores to the lower end thrift stores where you can find that perfect bargain. The climate is temperate, even if it does rain more than it does in London.

There are also the fantastic attractions that are the cream of Sydney’s crop, such as the Darling Harbour, which used to be an industrial wharf but was gentrified and turned into a shopping precinct in the late 1980s.

Darling Harbour is home to many attractions which include the Sydney Entertainment Centre, Sydney’s Chinese Gardens, The Australian National Maritime Museum, the Star Casino and the Sydney Aquarium. The other major attractions of Sydney are its beaches, Coogee and Bondi attract millions of surfers and beach dwellers each year and if you’ve visited there, it’s not hard to see why these two beaches and the others along Sydney’s coast are major people hotspots.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is iconic, completed during the 1930s, the Bridge spans the harbour from the Sydney CBD to the North shore and commands stunning views of the Sydney skyline and the Sydney Opera House, which is perhaps Sydney’s most famous attraction.

You’re coming to Sydney and you’re bringing your family. That’s excellent as Sydney is a very family friendly city. The question on your mind might be what accommodation should you book? What is the best place to stay with your family? There are so many options open to you when booking accommodation that it might make your head spin, however if you want a feeling of a home away from home take a look at the fully furnished apartments in Sydney offered by Furnished Properties Pty Ltd.

There’s also the prices, some might be out of this world good, some might be out of your price range. It’s always important to budget, especially if you are travelling to Sydney from Europe or somewhere else in the Northern Hemisphere. Sydney certainly isn’t free and you may end up breaking the bank if you don’t keep a hold of the purse strings.

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How Long Do You Need on a Trip to Australia?

Sydney CBD and harbour

A visit to Sydney will surely be on your itinerary of your Australia adventure.

Australia is a country that has been largely ignored by the masses due to the flight time and the isolation of the continent from most of the other larger continents and the ignorance by many of its culture. It is believed that Australia is largely unpopulated and the people who live there just hunt crocodiles and carry big knives and drink endless amounts of Fosters lager all day. While all the above may accurately describe some Australian individuals, its nevertheless a stereotype and a generalization that has afflicted Australia for far too long.

Australia is a country that takes a long time to see. Click here for further information on travelling through this vast continent. Quite like continental Europe or transversing the United States and Canada, you are going to need about a month at least to see all the sites of Australia and really make the most of your trip down under. Australia has eight capital cities, which are Sydney, capital of the state of New South Wales, Melbourne, capital of Victoria, Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, Darwin, capital of the Northern Territory, Perth, capital of Western Australia, Adelaide, capital of South Australia, Hobart, capital of the island state of Tasmania and Canberra, capital of the Australian Capital Territory. Canberra is also the national capital of Australia and this might seem an odd choice for a capital city when you already had cities such as Sydney and Melbourne more than ready to take on the task. The founding of Canberra is similar to the founding of the United States of America’s capital, Washington D.C. This was a capital city purpose-built to serve as such. Seeing all eight will take a fair chunk of money and a flexible time schedule.

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International and Domestic Flight Connections

road sign in outback Australia

People travel to Australia for many reasons including exploring the outback.

Kingsford Smith International Airport is the best in Australia for both international and domestic flight connections. Whether it is a magical trip to Hobart or booking your flight and accommodation with a travel website such as the whole of Australia really is your oyster. There are a number of airlines that offer flights to other major cities within the country and on occasions, you may actually be able to find a very competitive fare.

International flights to Australia arrive on the following airlines,

• Qantas
• Air New Zealand
• United
• Japan Airlines
• Asiana Airlines
• Thai Airlines
• Indonesian Airlines
• Cathay Pacific
• British Airways

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Sydney, Australia is a City on the Rise

living room of a fully furnished apartment located in Sydney CBD

Self-catered apartment accommodation in Sydney CBD

Sydney, Australia is a city on the rise. According to a recent survey, the growing metropolis is one of the best places for business on earth. In this article we will explain why companies in Sydney should consider renting self catering accommodation when searching for the roof over your head and the place where you will rest that head.

The number one reason why new and established businesses invest in a region is to cut costs, especially in a difficult economy. Ideally, business owners search for cities that attract highly-skilled professionals who are willing to work at competitive prices. The results of  a recent census (2006) revealed that 75 percent of Sydney’s annual growth comes from international immigration. About one out of every four new arrivals has a diploma from a college or university.

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Finding Cheap Accommodation in Sydney is Very Quick and Simple

Boarding a ferry in Circular Quay, Sydney

Boarding a ferry in Circular Quay, Sydney

The large city of Sydney on the south-east coast of Australia is one of the most exciting yet laid back places in the world. The people are really friendly, the city is packed with attractions and activities, and the accommodation is first-class.

Speaking of accommodation, sorting out where you are going to stay when you get to Sydney is one of the things that should be top of your list before you go. There is nothing worse than getting to another country and having the extra stress of then finding somewhere to lay your head and a good place to read information and advice about this is at

Luckily in this modern world we live in, finding cheap accommodation in Sydney is very quick and simple to do. A quick search of the internet will provide you with a wealth of online travel agents, airlines and accommodation websites where you can find the best deal for you and your travelling group.

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The Secret to Australia’s Success

As the global recession trudges forward through a second year, nations around the world have struggled to fight their way out of the downturn. While the economy in the United States is beset with high unemployment and the nations of Europe drown under heavy debt; Australia’s economy has not only survived the recession but grown during the past year.

In the United States, the world’s largest economy is struggling with unemployment that has reached 9.5%, well above the normal rate around of around 5-6%. Australia by comparison has an unemployment rate of 5.2%, a rate that fell in May and is expected to fall below 5% by the end of 2010. As nations such as Portugal and Greece teetered on the brink of government bankruptcy in Europe, Australia managed a trade balance surplus of $1.65 billion (AUS $) in May; a figure that represents a rise from April’s $1.12 billion surplus.

The secret to Australia’s success has been continued manufacturing growth and mineral demand in China coupled with shrewd decision making from government financial groups in Australia. High demand among Asian economies, China’s in particular, has kept Australia’s economy running strong during the recession. While other governments around the world have held their interest rates at or near historic lows, Australian officials have raised their rates six times since October and are considering further rate increases. Meanwhile, the Australian dollar continues to outperform its 16 major counterparts as the dollar rose against all its counterparts on Monday.

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People Who Visit Cairns Often Visit

Aerial view of Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia

Cairns is the doorway to Great Barrier Reef

Cairns is a city located in the state of Queensland, Australia. The city was named after Queensland governor William Wellington Cairns. The land was inhabited by the Walubarra Yidinji people before the British settled in the area. Walubarra Yidinji, the indigenous people, still inhabit the area around Cairns.

As of 2006, the population of Cairns was just over 120,000, but the area has been rapidly growing over the years. Tourism is its main industry as it is located close to the Great Barrier Reef. People who visit Cairns often visit the Great Barrier Reef, the Atherton Tableland (part of the Great Dividing Range), crocodile farms, the Daintree Rainforest, Kuranda, and other great sights. Coach tours are a good way to get around the Cairns area and the leader of the tour can provide details about the area to you during the trip.

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The New Alpha City of Australia

Sydney harbour and skyline from Taronga Zoo

One of the great harbours of the world, Sydney

When it comes to trips down under, all anyone seems to want to talk about are Sydney and Melbourne. Maybe they talk about “The Outback” (usually having no idea what the Australian Outback really is), but as far as Australian society goes, you’d think that all of Australia consists of just two large cities.

Well… what about Brisbane?

One of the chief advantages to travelling to Brisbane: less crowding. Brisbane doesn’t get the same volume of tourism as Sydney or Melbourne, so you can enjoy a very authentic side of Australia. Aussies aren’t the type to put on a show for visitors, but that doesn’t mean that Sydney and Melbourne don’t at least put a little effort into making their cities pretty tourist-friendly.

Brisbane is one of the most beautiful cities in Australia thanks in no small part to the Brisbane River, from which the city takes its name. The river cuts right through Brisbane, and if you’re thinking that the name is ironic, like “The LA River”, which is basically just a big drainage ditch, think again. The Brisbane River is pretty much the Mississippi of Queensland at 214 miles in length and around a hundred yards across at its narrowest. The sight of the natural landmark of the Brisbane River cutting right through the modern metropolitan setting of Brisbane is really something.

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Travels to the Deep Red of Australia

Outback road in Australia

Outback road in Australia on the way to the Red Centre

When thinking of travel in Australia, the Red Centre has to be on the itinerary. There are certain sites in the Red Centre that all visitors should experience. Besides the famous Uluru there are many other nature areas and aboriginal treasures in the region. The vivid colours and serenity here are worth the visit, so try and locate the many hotels in Alice Springs that suit you and your budget.

Alice Springs, known for its outback character, has a pedestrian center and hotels in the area. It’s a great departure point for a camel trek across the Siimpson desert dunes. Four wheeling and bushwalking trips often start here as well. The nearby Tanami Track and St. Teresa boast Aboriginal art. Alice Springs lies in the MacDonnell Ranges. You can get to Alice Springs by rail from Adelaide in the south. Drivers can get there via the Stuart Highway or flights arrive here from most major cities in Australia.

The Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is where the 348 metre tall Uluru (Ayer’s Rock) formation painted of vivid colours by nature. This is the most famous and most visited site in the Red Centre. Get a guide and hear the story of the spirit ancestors who created it. Nearby are rounded red domes of the Kata Tjuta.

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Why You Deserve a Holiday in Australia

Sydney Harbour and Sydney CBD

A postcard shot of Sydney, Australia

The rich, red desert of the outback, the golden sandy beaches, the lush green rain forests, and the quirky endemic wildlife are all parts of extraordinary Australia and why your next holiday vacation destination, should be Australia. This country has some of the most naturally beautiful sights in the world. Visitors to this vast country are often astounded by the brilliance of the Great Barrier Reef, the snow-packed mountain ranges, the endlessly dry outback, and the thousands of beaches and islands all waiting to be explored.

Each of the eight states and territories of the country has something special to offer visitors. New South Wales is home to Sydney, which is where most international travellers first arrive. Click here for further advice and travel guide. In Sydney they can explore The Rocks, where European settlement began, climb the Harbour Bridge, and take in a show at the world-renowned Opera House. Victoria is home to Melbourne, the cultural capital of Australia and second most populous city after Sydney. The Yarra Valley wineries are located in Victoria, and Phillip Island, home to both fur seals and fairy penguins, is just a short drive from Melbourne.

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A Trip You Will Remember For A Lifetime

Aerial view from plane arriving into Sydney

Aerial view from a flight arriving into Sydney, Australia

The only country in the world to encompass an entire continent, Australia is a place that you don’t want to miss. When planning your next vacation be sure to put Australia on the list as it will be a trip you will remember for a lifetime.

Keep in mind that when booking a flight to OZ, or indeed flights through Australia, if it is winter here in the US or the UK it is going to be summer in Australia and vice versa. Perhaps a trip near the end of winter would be the perfect time. You will want to plan ahead when booking your trip as the further in advance you book a flight the better rate you are likely to get.

Do some research and see what kind of deals you can find for flight and hotels together. You can even book some tours and excursions in advance if you are so inclined. Remember also that it is not a short flight to Australia; it is around a 24 hour trip. You will probably want to make your first day a day of rest so that you can recover from the trip and be ready to see what this amazing country has to offer.

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Australia, The Water and The Bush

With more than 50,000 kilometres of coastline, it’s no wonder Australia is known for its outdoor hobbies of surfing, swimming, snorkelling, and sun bathing. In fact, 80 percent of Australians live within about 1

people viewing Sydney harbour

There is plenty of water in Sydney harbour and some great locations to view this wonderful destination.

00 kilometres of the coast, just a short drive for most. It doesn’t take much for the salty fresh breezes and hot fish and chips on the shore to lure us outside and to the shore.

Many Australians find they can appreciate these pleasures best when they are actually amongst them, bush walking and camping. They are able to escape the busyness of urban life and escape to the virgin outback, exercising both body and mind, whether they are dreaming of a flight from Launceston to Sydney and hiking in the Blue Mountains or on the Sundown Nature Trail in Broken Hill.

Bondi Beach in Sydney is known as one of the best beaches in the world. Although it is only about one kilometre long, it has gentle currents ideal for swimmers and stronger currents perfect for surfing. Bondi Beach is just one of Australia’s 11,000 pristine white sandy beaches, perfect for fun or relaxing, exploring or picnicking.

Australia has so much more to offer, though, than sun-kissed beaches and blue, rippling sea. The Australian bush is home to a third of its population and though the outback is dry, it is also biologically diverse, with more than a million species of animals and plants, many unique to the continent.

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Australia, A Study in Contrasts

another day ends as the sun sets over Sydney

The colours of Sydney also include the experience of a splendid sunset.

Australia is a study in contrasts, from the silky white beaches and colours of Sydney to the red deserts sands of Alice Springs. The diversity found in the flora, fauna, and landscape is sure to satisfy even the most discerning palate.

The colours of Australia are brilliant and never faded, even in the hottest desert climates. Although some regions are very hot and dry, the land is vividly alive with appealing textures and shades. Uluru, or Ayers Rock, near Alice Springs is characteristically red, but at morning may be found cloaked in a bewitching misty haze against the sunrise.

Undara at evening is equally mesmerizing, as the setting sun casts jewel-toned lights across the fiery night sky. The colourful displays are repeated in the lush greens of Tasmania’s tropical rain forests and the sapphire of the Great Barrier Reef. The Nullarbor Plain is arid and flat, with wind-rippled sands a rough contrast against the smooth blue sky.

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The Journey From Adelaide to Sydney

Elder Park in Adelaide

Elder Park in Adelaide

More than 1,100 kilometres separate these two vibrant capital cities, but cheap flights from Adelaide to Sydney keep them closely connected for business travellers, families, tourists and more. The flight is just over two hours long can vary in price from $89 to $149 for economy class airfare and from $760 to $875 for business class airfare. Qantas, Jetstar and Virgin Australia run more than a dozen flights between Adelaide and Sydney every day.

Adelaide has often been called the city of churches. Founded in 1836 by settlers who were seeking religious freedom, the city today embraces a progressive point of view and is proud of its diversity. Having ranked as one of the most liveable cities in the country as well as the world, Adelaide attracts tourists by the thousands. It has a dynamic culinary scene, and the nearby Barossa Valley is one of the country’s best-known wine regions. The city is also near such natural attractions as Flinders Ranges and Kangaroo Island, where residents and tourists alike can relax and get away from it all or simply explore at their leisure.

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Darwin, the Top End and Accommodation

Casuarina Beach, Darwin, Australia

Strolling a Darwin beach in the top end of Australia.

A tropical city with a lifestyle every bit as laid-back as Sydney’s and an even-bigger harbour, Darwin is nown as the Gateway to Asia and the Top End of the Northern Territory. The city is steeped in history and rich in multiculturism and is right on the doorstep of Kakadu and Litchfield National Parks. Ideally located, it is the perfect jumping-off point to fishing, shopping and simply enjoying everything life has to offer.

Accommodation options in Darwin range from hotels and motels that are easy on your budget to luxurious resorts. Inexpensive yet well-appointed hostels and budget accommodations are plentiful. Motels, mid-range hotels and studio rooms cater to travellers on budgets and families, and most have air conditioning. Many also have swimming facilities that are available during the summer season. Four- and five-star hotels are generally located along the Esplanade and often provide private balconies with a remarkable view of the bay.

Some hotels, such as the SkyCity, are designed as destination hotels, and are intended to be not just accommodations but also casinos, convention centres, restaurants, bars and more. Other accommodations, such as furnished and corporate apartments are designed for longer stays. Furnished apartments offer roomy accommodations and privacy in luxurious surroundings with all the amenities of a five-star hotel.

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Your Travel Through Australia Adventure Is Waiting

Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

Any travel through Australia is destined to bring diverse landscapes and experiences whether you stick to the cosmopolitan cities lit from within or trek deep into the Red Centre in search of wilderness adventures. This vast country is sparsely populated but filled with stunning national parks and World Heritage sites. Whether you have just one week or several months to explore, exciting opportunities are around every corner and in every territory. Visit the Kimberley, Kagoorlie and the Barossa Valley for distinctly Australian adventures and a once-in-a-lifetime holiday.

The Kimberley, located in northwestern Australia, is remote and beautiful. Broome, WA, is an oasis in the middle of the rugged outback, filled with lush resorts, swaying palm trees and white beaches set strikingly against a turquoise sea. Not far away are the Kimberley Gorges, which include rocky ledges, rushing waterfalls and shaded pools ripe for exploring. Many of the gorges along Gibbs River Road offer opportunities for bushwalking or camping and wildlife viewing.

Kagoorlie, WA, the gold capital of Australia, is an old gold rush town that allows you to take a step back in time. Visit old prospectors’ buildings, check out the Flying Doctor’s Visitor Centre, and art galleries filled with Aboriginal art. You can even stay in one of the historic hotels, or grab a pint in a gold rush-era pub. The mines here are still active, with more than 800,000 ounces of gold mined every year.

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What is Your Travel In Australia Going to Consist Of?

Australia is on view on planet earth.

Australia is on view on planet earth.

Australia is a vast continent with diverse habitats, unique animals, and a cosmopolitan population. If you are planning a holiday in the land down under, here’s what I learned from my travel in Australia.

1. Explore some of the less well-travelled destinations. Sydney, Melbourne, and the Great Barrier Reef are everything they are said to be and more. However, when you go off the beaten path, you’ll have the opportunity to discover some of Australia’s hidden gems and wild natural beauty. Kangaroo Island, which is located near Adelaide, is a stunning island paradise with brilliant views and lush vegetation. Cape York Peninsula is wild and unspoilt, filled with rainforests, woodlands, and savannahs.

2. Tempt your palate. Australia is not only diverse in terms of landscapes and population but is also diverse in terms of taste. Move beyond the ordinary: Try some native Australian cuisine, such as kangaroo, crocodile, quandongs, bush tomatoes, or go on a local wine tasting tour.

3. Go surfing. The surf culture of Australia is world-renowned, and the waters beckon. Even if you know nothing about surfing, this is one thing that should be on your Australian bucket list. You will generally be able to take beginner’s level surfing lessons at most major beaches throughout the country, including both Bondi and Manly beaches in Sydney.

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Finding Cheap Flights to Darwin, Australia

Australia domestic flight arrival into Darwin

Your flight arrival in Darwin international airport will be filled with wonder.

Australia is a popular tourist destination. Hundreds of thousands of visitors flock to its shores every year through Sydney’s Kingsford Smith or Melbourne Airport. However, Darwin is becoming an increasingly busy airport as well. In fact, about 40 different domestic and international flights arrive in and depart from Darwin Airport every day. The city has a lot to offer whether you are just stopping off for a short visit or staying to explore.

Darwin is Australia’s northernmost capital city. In spite of its distance, you can still find cheap flights from Darwin to capital cities such as Sydney and other cities across the country. Flights from Darwin to Sydney start at $154 for economy class tickets with taxes and fees included. Flights from Melbourne to Darwin start at $155 for economy class tickets, and flights from Adelaide to Darwin start at $297. Flights from Perth start at $384, while flights from Hobart and Brisbane are $430 and $224, respectively. Flights from Canberra to Darwin start at $344. Darwin Airport has several transportation options, including taxis, shuttle buses and coaches, and buses.

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Thinking Of Moving To Australia?

Windmill in outback Australia

Windmill in outback Australia.

Australia is one of the most beautiful and culturally and naturally diverse countries in the world, filled with burgeoning coastal cities, sun-kissed beaches, wild bush lands, and lush rainforests. The cost of living is low, while the standard of living is high. Attitudes are relaxed and easygoing, and property in Australia is affordable. Whether you are immigrating to Australia for work, education, or personal reasons, you will find the country both welcoming and accommodating.

As you are planning your travel budget, you will have plenty of things to consider. Migration costs can vary dramatically from person to person and even from situation to situation. Visas may range from $125 to more than $6,000, depending on the type of visa you need. Government fees and surcharges may apply. You will also need to calculate your expenses for airfare, shipping costs, and other expenses associated with locating suitable accommodations and vehicles.

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All Your Flights From and To Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane city skyline

View from your flight arriving into Brisbane.

Brisbane Airport is one of the busiest airports in Australia. Conveniently located fewer than 15 kilometres from Brisbane’s CBD, the airport serves the city and surrounding metropolitan area. Brisbane is connected through the airport by domestic travellers arriving as well as flights out of Brisbane to Sydney, Melbourne and all the capital cities of Australia and also through international flights.

Brisbane Airport offers a number of transportation options for visitors, including taxis, buses, airtrain, and the airport village courtesy bus. Car rentals are also available for those who prefer the convenience of their own private transportation.

Brisbane has a great deal to offer visitors, from Kangaroo Point where you can abseil with abandon to its expansive, pristine beaches that lure bathers and surfers in search of relaxation or excitement. Nightlife is plentiful, with eclectic pubs and sophisticated bars or vibrant nightclubs and trendy live-music venues.

Theatres, art galleries, museums, exhibitions, and tours provide cultural outlets, while the Queen Street Mall and Brisbane’s many outdoor markets offer retail therapy for even the most diehard shoppers.

Dining and accommodations are equally abundant. Brisbane is home to some of the country’s most renowned chefs, and you can tempt your palate with ethnic or Australian cuisines perfect for any budget. Accommodations are also available to suit any budget, from comfortably casual backpacker’s hostels to luxurious five-star hotels and furnished apartments.

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Booking Your Flight To Sydney, Australia

the sun setting over Sydney harbour

Another magical Sydney sunset drops over the harbour.

Sydney is a major tourist destination with a population of more than four million people. Located on picturesque Sydney Harbour, the capital of New South Wales is home to two of the most famous Australian icons, the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. After scheduling your flight to Sydney, Australia you will be well on your way to enjoying its sunny beaches, bustling shopping districts, brilliant landscapes, diverse dining options, pulsing nightlife, and cosmopolitan culture.

All non-Australian citizens will need to have valid visas before entering the country. New Zealand citizens who hold New Zealand passports will be issued their Australian passports upon arrival, while all other foreign nationals will need to obtain a visa before entering the country. These may be obtained at any Australian visa office and from some travel agents and airlines.

Australian currency is based on the Australian dollar, which is available in denominations ranging from $0.05 cents to $100. Most businesses in Australia accept traveller’s cheques, debit cards, and major credit cards, allowing you to easily access your money anywhere you happen to be.

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Locating Short Term Furnished Apartments In Sydney

furnished apartment in Sydney

Fully furnished short term apartment rental in Sydney.

Furnished apartments can help those who are planning to visit Sydney on holiday, business, or for personal reasons maximize their stays in the city. A short term furnished apartment in Sydney offers plenty and not just comfort and convenience but also privacy. Sydney furnished apartments can help you get the most out of your stay whether you are in the heart of the city in the CBD or in one of Sydney’s suburbs, such as Paddington, Potts Point, Darling Harbour, or Bondi Junction.

This world-renowned city is known for such sites as the Opera House with its white sails, the Royal Botanical Gardens with its incredible diversity, Art Gallery of New South Wales, and the underwater worlds of the Sydney Aquarium. Sydney has something for the business traveller, the holiday traveller, and anyone else who is willing to invest the time and energy in seeking out the beauty and excitement nestled into every nook and cranny of the city.

Sydney apartments can offer spectacular panoramic views of the harbour, in the same way as the many five-star hotels but at a far more reasonable price. Also unlike hotels they can be found throughout the city, within walking distance of public transportation so that you can visit all of Sydney’s top sightseeing destinations, its famous surfing and sunbathing beaches, or simply enjoy a night of dining and dancing.

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Fly Into Adelaide For Something Unique


Flight on route to Adelaide international airport.

Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, is located on Gulf St. Vincent. Also known as the wine capital of Australia, it has plenty to offer both the domestic and international traveller, which may be why there is such an abundance of cheap flights to Adelaide. You can also fly out of Adelaide to a host of international and domestic destinations including flights to Melbourne from Adelaide and also from Sydney and all capital cities in Australia.

South Australia is home to an astounding 16 wine regions, including the world famous Barossa region. There are wine trails and wine tasting journeys for the connoisseur, and music and cultural events throughout the area.

Adelaide has far more than wine, however. Steeped in history and a staunch supporter of civil rights, Adelaide is known for being a city of firsts. It was the first Australian city to grant women voting rights, the first city with an Aboriginal governor, and the first city to host an arts festival, along with many other cultural events.

Today, Adelaide is a bastion of cultural diversity, with German, Italian, Greek, Indian, African, and Asian influences throughout. Dining options are plentiful, providing visitors with al fresco beachfront options as well as cozy backstreet pubs, chic nightclubs, and fine dining establishments.

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Where To Find Cheap Flights In Australia

Sydney Opera House and ferry arriving into Circular Quay

Cheap flights in Australia are purchased with a view or visit to the Sydney Opera House on the intinerary.

Australia may well be one of the most diverse continents in the world, from the splendid depths of the Great Barrier Reef to the brilliant Red Centre of the country. A holiday here can lead to adventures in the heart of the bush, an artistic and cultural awakening, the excitement of cosmopolitan nightlife and plenty of fun in the sun. Cheap flights in Australia can take you anywhere you want to go, even on a shoestring budget.

When you are planning your holiday, book your airfare about two to four months in advance. Booking any earlier may leave you paying more for flights the airlines are in no rush to fill, but waiting later can lead to you scrambling to find the flight you need at a price you can afford. Many visitors to the Land Down Under plan their trips so that they can travel during the off-season, which runs from April to August, so that they can avoid peak travel periods and steep airline price hikes. If they avoid major holidays, weekend and afternoon flights, they can keep their prices even lower.

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What Hotel Accommodation Do I Choose in Melbourne?

Melbourne CBD at night along the Yarra River

Melbourne CBD at night walking along the Yarra River.

Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, is like other major cities in Australia: glittering and cosmopolitan and filled with activities, destinations, and restaurants sure to appeal to all kinds of people with all kinds of tastes. In terms of size, Melbourne is second only to Sydney. Even though it has many similarities to other capital cities, it still has plenty of character to give it a distinctive vibe.

Regardless of which hotel accommodation in Melbourne you choose, take advantage of the City Circle Tram. This easy hop-on, hop-off tram gives you free transportation to major tourist attractions throughout Melbourne’s bustling CBD and conveniently links to other public transportation options so that you can keep travelling to anywhere you need to go.

There is a plethora of travel sites out there giving details on travel tips and useful and informative suggestions such as, so  it may pay you to do a touch of research before you travel.

If you are in the mood for underwater exploration, go diving with sharks or walking with stingrays in the Melbourne Aquarium’s 2.2 million-litre tank. If you would rather go back in time and enjoy some great rides, visit Luna Park. With nearly 100 years of experience, Luna Park is a favourite destination of Melburnians and tourists alike. After a full day of sightseeing, continue the fun with one of Melbourne’s thrilling theatre restaurant options with fun themes ranging from Medieval castles to gothic vampires.

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What Medicine Can I Bring Into Australia?

Prescription medications are simply a fact of life for many people today. Whether you take a medication to maintain your health or are using a prescription drug for a short period, certain laws govern the use of these medications to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you. If you are travelling abroad, the laws in the country to which you are travelling may vary from your home country’s laws, and your familiarity with these laws is essential. What medicine can I bring into Australia, may well be a question you should ask yourself if travelling down under.

Travellers to Australia are advised to bring an appropriate amount of necessary medications for pre-existing health conditions. You may bring a three-month supply of medication intended for personal use or the treatment of your dependent or dependents. Anabolic or androgenic substances will require an accompanying special permit.

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Which Domestic Flight In Australia Should I Take?

aeroplane coming in for landing

Domestic flight arrival in Australia.

The cost of flying may well be one of your greatest expenses when travelling in or visiting Australia. You can save a lot by learning how and where to find cheap Australia domestic flights. Whether you’re an overseas traveller seeking to take advantage of Qantas Aussie Airpass tickets or a domestic traveller just trying to save some money, you’re sure to find the solution that’s right for you if you know where to look.

Australia is a large country, making even cheap tickets relatively pricey. It’s essential that you do your homework. By researching, you can locate the best deals around. Look for ad-supported travel sites that won’t add a surcharge to your booking costs, or book directly through the airline itself to keep your overall costs lower.

There are a number of domestic airlines operating across the continent locally and regionally. The largest and most well-known domestic airlines are Qantas, Virgin Australia, Jet Star, Tiger Airways, and V Australia. When booking online, you’re most likely to receive price quotes for one of these airlines. If you’re looking for a smaller local or regional airline, you will generally need to book through a travel agent or through the airline itself.

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The Beauty Of Australia

12 Apostles in Australia

12 Apostles in Australia.

Australia is the smallest continent in the world and the sixth largest country by total area. This land of intriguing contrasts has a multitude of attractions for tourists. The sophistication of the major cities along the coastline, the incredible wildlife, clear skies, extensive World Heritage Sites, and the resplendent landscape are all uniquely and totally Australia. Some areas stand out as absolute must-sees in this country filled with beautiful sights, however.

Located in the Blue Mountains of NSW, Leura is called the “Jewel in the Mountains’ Crown.” It’s framed by fresh eucalypts and rugged landscapes, leaving visitors with the feeling of wild natural wonder, but it’s just a two-hour trip from Sydney. Fresh air, four distinct seasons, and stunning views of the Blue Mountains make Leura one of Australia’s most exquisitely beautiful locations.

Fremantle, WA, is another must-see locale. This picturesque port city is only 20 minutes from Perth, just at the mouth of the Swan River and is chock full of historic buildings, quaint cottages, and a singular personality. Fremantle’s markets offer a variety of locally produced goods from jewellery and Aboriginal crafts to the freshest seafood. Top your visit off with ale at one of the city’s friendly bars or pubs.

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The Kimberley – The Rugged North West Of Australia

The rugged northwest of Australia

Purnululu National Park – The Kimberley

From the remarkable biodiversity of the Great Barrier Reef to the natural splendour of Tasmania, there’s no place quite like Australia. Lush rain forests, crimson deserts, sandy beaches, and cosmopolitan cities combine to create a country full of adventure and beauty. Of all the beautiful locations in Australia, however, one of the loveliest may well be the Kimberley, located in the rugged Northwest of Australia.

Although the Kimberley region is remote, it has plenty to offer you if you’re dogged enough to discover its many treasures. Travel along the Gibbs River Road and explore the Kimberley Gorges, where you can take a dip in a clear, still pool, relax on red rocky ledges, or try to spot native wildlife during an invigorating bushwalk. Some of the more well known gorges include the the Bell Gorge, the Geikie Gorge, and the Windjana Gorge, but lesser known gorges such as the Lennard Gorge are equally spectacular, if slightly less accessible.

Off the coast of the Kimberley region is the Buccaneer Archipelago. This cluster of islands is comprised of ancient sandstone outcroppings dotted with mangroves and the remnants of rain forest vegetation. With its lush lagoons and exotic wildlife, the pristine nature of this area is unparalleled.

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